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"The Sexth Dimension Vol.I"

Forbidden Encounters

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Sometimes what you really crave is to be just plain naughty. An “off limits” person is exactly what you need to scratch that itch, and these five short stories will not leave you disappointed. Come with us as we tempt the avowed celibate priest in I Confess, have a rule and body bending escapade with a client in Short Term Goals, indulge ourselves with a complete stranger in A Clockwork Zucchini, use the new employee to teach the boss a lesson in A Departmental Matter and take advantage of the help in On the Green.

The Sexth Dimension Volume I: Forbidden Encounters is sure to…satisfy.




"Tell Me Lies"

Available on Amazon Kindle!

Adrian Ennis has only known the life of organized crime, having been trained to be a mob assassin from age eight. Crime king pin Ezra Drake is more like a father to Adrian than her boss and is one of the few people she feels she can trust. But on the evening of her 29th birthday when Ezra orders her to kill Tony, her friend and lover, Adrian’s perception of who is and is not her friend becomes a blurred line of blood and bullets. When Adrian makes an unlikely ally in Atlanta PD detective Damon Wyatt she learns the truth about her past, an unsavory web of murder and deceit that includes the destruction of her entire family. With an innocent life hanging in the balance – Tony’s ten-year-old son – Adrian has an opportunity to amend for the wrongs of her past and to bring those who destroyed her life to justice…her way.




"A Rapture of Centuries"

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“I enjoyed the atmosphere and sexual tension…the pacing was very well done.”––Jayne, Dear Author

“Jessica Shin’s incredible talent becomes apparent as she gently unfolds this heartwarming story…The readers are left breathless…It doesn’t get any better than that..”––Barb, Two Lips Reviews

“Noelle was funny and quirky…Complete with elements of surprise, this was a fun and enjoyable read.”––Rista, The Romance Readers Connection

“The setting is described in rich detail…I could see it...”––Carly, Fallen Angel Reviews

“…author Jessica Shin certainly has skill with dark, edgy settings and characters…”––Lisa D. Guest, Wantz Upon A Time Book Reviews






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