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The Sexth Dimension Vol.I

Forbidden Encounters

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Sometimes what you really crave is to be just plain naughty. An “off limits” person is exactly what you need to scratch that itch, and these five short stories will not leave you disappointed. Come with us as we tempt the avowed celibate priest in I Confess, have a rule and body bending escapade with a client in Short Term Goals, indulge ourselves with a complete stranger in A Clockwork Zucchini, use the new employee to teach the boss a lesson in A Departmental Matter and take advantage of the help in On the Green.

The Sexth Dimension Volume I: Forbidden Encounters is sure to…satisfy.


The Box

Available Now!

You do not open the box. The box opens you.

When Leah picks up an ornate box at a flea market she knows it’s special. But she has no idea how her life as a sexually disappointed college student and grocery store cashier will be transformed.

Through forces unknown, the box summons Hale, a man who knows Leah inside and out. He uses their no-strings-attached sexual escapades, which include a hot threesome and light bondage, as lascivious lessons to teach Leah what she needs to succeed in her job, education and relationships.

With each sexual encounter growing more and more extreme, Leah comes away challenged and questioning everything. But will Leah listen to her new instincts and embrace the life of her dreams or will she continue to hide in her old and comfortable but self-defeating ways?


Released By Moonlight
Erotic Romance

Available Now!

How long would you wait for the love of your life? Three years? Two hundred?

Luce and Derek have had a torrid affair going with each other in their minds alone for years, as fraternization between coworkers is a big no-no. Ghosts have no use for office politics, however, and they are about to be used to satisfy another forbidden romance dating back to the very beginnings of their town.

Phedra and her husband may have founded Stanton’s Bridge, but it’s her love for another that keeps her restless spirit bound to the town. When she finds in Luce an available host she uses her body to pursue unsatisfied desires…for both of them.

When the ghosts of the past meddle in the affairs of today, it seems that history does repeat itself in some most sensuous ways.


Tell Me Lies

Release Date: January 8, 2009

Kindle 2nd Edition Release Date: September 30, 2013

Adrian Ennis has only known the life of organized crime, having been trained to be a mob assassin from age eight. Crime king pin Ezra Drake is more like a father to Adrian than her boss and is one of the few people she feels she can trust. But on the evening of her 29th birthday when Ezra orders her to kill Tony, her friend and lover, Adrian’s perception of who is and is not her friend becomes a blurred line of blood and bullets.

When Adrian makes an unlikely ally in Atlanta PD detective Damon Wyatt she learns the truth about her past, an unsavory web of murder and deceit that includes the destruction of her entire family. With an innocent life hanging in the balance – Tony’s ten-year-old son – Adrian has an opportunity to amend for the wrongs of her past and to bring those who destroyed her life to justice…her way.


A Rapture of Centuries
Erotic Romance

Available Now!

IRS Agent Noelle Parrish knows how to keep business and pleasure separate. When the death of her latest audit subject leaves her to complete her work with his nephew and sole heir to the estate, Antonio Cristobal, she's only worried about making it back home in time for her 30th birthday bash.

But the seductive and powerful Antonio turns out to be a code section the IRS never addressed and he’s more than rule-abiding Noelle can resist. Despite her best efforts to stay on task she is caught up in his secretive and passionate world. Trapped at the Cristobal mansion by a massive snowstorm, Noelle discovers an unnerving fact about the centuries-long line of Cristobal men...they are all the same man.

Determined to unravel the secret of his unnaturally long life, Noelle is catapulted into a battle that has been brewing for six centuries. Two rivals will fight to the death over this secret and the winner will decide Noelle’s fate.

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